Don't push your luck. Don't push your luck.

Have you ever been stranded out on the Highway with NO cell signal? Here is the solution.



CB Radio Store specializes in Citizen Band Radios.  This form of personal communication between vehicles is vastly superior to any other form of electronic two-way devices.  Give them a try and test the theory.


They require NO license to use and operate.  Even very young children can use them. They are cheap and easy to buy. Every truck stop accross the country carries stock to maintain them while traveling. Because they are simple, repairs are a breeze. 


We install, service, repair and sell CB Radios.  They are especially useful in big rigs, boats, camper trailers, RVs, pickup trucks, go-carts, ATVs, Rhinos, Jeeps, cars and  any vechicle that needs cheap, dependable transceivers. Nothing beats them for short-range communications.


We also carry everthing necessary to set up a CB Radio in a home base setting.


Ham Radio equipment is also available at our store.  We stock a limited level of some ham gear.


Second to Citizen Band Radio, the GMRS and MURS radio is also useful while traveling and camping.  Technically they started out as another band or set of frequencies for Citizen useage. They since evolved into fancy names, but they are for the same purpose.


We can install and make GMRS and MURS radios work with real range.  Instead of one-mile with the blister pack radios you buy at Target and Costco, we can make them five to ten-mile capable. 

The products we carry include all that you will need to make your personal communications work properly and dependably.


This Mack truck is just one example of some of the custom installations we do.  We will hide all the wires and make it work.  You will depend on the five to ten miles that  CB Radio can provide.  Check us out.

Store Location

CB Radio Store at the A1 Truck Wash

Fontana, CA 92335

Phone: 909 428-0340


Store Hours

Mon-Friday  9am-5pm


Saturday open 10am-4pm

Each Day has a special sale.

Monday is Microphone Day.

Tuesday is Tune day.

Wednesday is Wilson day.

Thursday is Turbo Day. Turbo up your radio and amp.

Friday is Firestick day.


Each day has discounts and specials to celebrate that day.


Check with us to find out more.

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